At the happiness clinic we point you in the direction of your happiest self as we teach you three life giving principles which help to bring out the very best in you.

The search for happiness is top of the list on most people’s agenda. We all desire to be happy, peaceful and relaxed and yet we can find ourselves feeling stressed, worried and lacking lustre.

Our sessions at unwind point you in the direction of the very best in you and help you to see how you can live by your great qualities, rather than hone in on your ‘problems’.

When we are stressed or going through a ‘bad patch’ we can easily conclude that there is something wrong with us. We end up giving that words and before we know it we are seeing ourselves as ‘problematic’ and we fail to see that underneath those thoughts about ourselves is the very best version of us, simply hidden behind the dark cloud of our habitual thinking.

At our unwind happiness clinic we aim to help you find yourself again and to see a way to letting negative thoughts drop away, leaving you refreshed and renewed in spirit. There is no need to rake over the past in these sessions, we will focus more on the here and now and point you in a new direction.

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