I recently received this candle holder from a grateful client who felt that they had learned a lot about their body/mind connection during their remedial massage/sports massage treatments.
The inscription on the glass is “Teaching is a work of the heart”.

It reminded me, once again, that the only way in which we can truly share knowledge with a fellow human being is via the heart. Conversely, when we share purely through the intellect our words fall on hard ground; they don’t reach the required target-the ‘inner self’ of the other.

It is always a privilege to ‘teach’ my clients, whether that is in my work as a body therapist or as a counsellor/coach. With the former this is about muscles: their role, origins and insertions (so that they can understand how the muscles work for them and their relation to other muscles, and at other times it is about exercise, stretches, or in the latter with respect to healthy eating, sleep or the practice o

f a quiet mind.
This ‘teaching process’ is always two way. As a therapist and teacher I learn greatly from each and every client who chooses to work with me. Some of the conversations that unfold during sessions are truly insightful and give me much to think about for the rest of the day. I love it when my clients show an interest and aren’t afraid to ask questions or to disagree ! I always work with the firm belief that ‘client knows best’. Each of us, after all, has a built in wisdom that navigates us through life and I have the sense that this gift brings us into contact with the person we need to work with. In some circles this is called ‘therapeutic alliance’.

I learn much, also, from those who remain very quiet during their treatment and don’t say very much. This is true, naturally,
for those who choose a relaxing Swedish Massage, or a Reiki Healing, or Holistic Massage, but is also occurs during Sports Massage, Sports Therapy, or Deep Tissue Massage ( except when they utter “ouch”, which is very occasional !

During quiet periods the mind becomes very still and we get in touch with the ‘feel’ of our bodies. A deeper relaxation often occurs and healing is escalated. It is at times like this that clients might well have an ‘insight’. Something occurs to them about their bodies or their habitual thinking around their bodies, and as a result there is a peace that was lacking before. When these insights are shared, my client becomes my teacher. Thank you ?


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