I so look forward to reconnecting with my clients in person but whilst it is not currently possible to carry out face to face, in person, consultations and sessions I am grateful to reach out to my clients and tell you that I am thinking of you and looking forward to seeing you soon.

I am very grateful to stay connected with you during this ‘time at home’. I am grateful for the face-time sessions, Skype and phone calls and texts that we have been having either for a quick ‘catch up’ or for an online consultation or treatment.

I am feeling connected with you, all of you who work with me currently or have connected with me in the past as well as those of you who are visiting my website for the first time, while I write this blog.

In order to be connected with others it is vitally important to be firmly connected with ourselves on some very fundamental levels and I consider this an important aspect of the work that I do, both in the field of talking therapies and body work through massage, sports therapy, Reiki and meditation.

I currently have two websites which serve body work and talking therapies as well as meditation practice. You can find me on www.jonathanshaddock.co.uk for general wellbeing and mind works or www.unwindmuscleandmind.co.uk for bodywork and mediation. I hope that you can enjoy both and draw something from them.

How do we stay connected with ourselves ?

There is all sorts of advice available in books and online, giving us ‘recipes’ on how to stay connected or even on how to get connected if we have never truly connected with ourselves and to the source of life surging within us.

I would like to direct you to some of my previous blogs which you will find available here. You will find blogs on subjects such as: body scan, connective tissue massage, myofascial release and reiki as well as meditation and quiet mind workshops but I would also like to direct you toward your inner life force.

When we are truly connected to the life force running through our mind and body we feel not only truly comfortable in our own skin but we also find ourselves feeling at ease, generally, and then notice that our relationships with other people are much more harmonious.

I will write some more about this in the near future, but for now I invite you to sit quietly after you have finished reading this blog or find a time later when you can be quiet and simply experience your operating power.

You might experience a gentle vibration running through your body or in certain parts of you body. You may simply experience you breath; the rise and fall of your chest and stomach as breath just happens without any effort on you part whatsoever. You may just notice a sense of tingling or aliveness in one or more of your body parts. Don’t judge this experience or analyse it. Just feel it. It just is. If you can, stay with this process every day for a month. It might be once a day that you manage it or even twice or three times a day. Whatever feels right for you.

When this ‘stay at home period’ is over I so look forward to seeing you at my clinic or at my home practice either for massage or healing or for coaching or counselling. All of these wonderful therapies help us to feel deeply connected with our inner self as well as each other. In the meanwhile I point you towards an inner connection which will help you to sail through this challenging period and indeed life.

I am always pleased to hear your comments and you can reach me either through.

Phone: 07970 162471
Email: jonathan@jonathanshaddock.co.uk

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