Miracles in the Now

Miracles are an interesting phenomenon. They sometimes appear to be so illusive but as a great writer once so wisely said ‘We are looking far out into the horizon and the wave has just touched our toes and we didn’t even notice’.

I notice that gardeners, locally, are treating their plants with “Miracle Grow” for the summer season. The promise is that a few cans of this particular product and the garden will spring into abundance.

Isn’t it curious that many of us are reaching out to products which when used either internally or externally promise the world? One example of this is lottery scratch cards. What pent up emotion they attract as the buyer scratches away at the card wondering if this one will bring the jackpot. ‘Then life can begin for real’. Sound or feel familiar?

Like most human beings, I notice that in the past I have been ‘scratching away’ at old memories. The more I scratch at them, like a wound they take longer to heal. The miracle in my own life is that I’m learning not to scratch so much. Instead I observe, watch, and notice what I’m thinking. Then, a miracle seems to occur, quite miraculously. It’s nothing external, nothing I ‘do’ except observe and listen. Then quite naturally I realise that I’m OK, that I was born with innate mental and spiritual well being and that miracles are occurring all around me. Plants are actually thriving in the garden with no chemicals added. The sun rises every day. People smile in the street and I am glad to be alive as I return the favour.

My clients, in their sessions, are learning not to scratch too, not to ‘want too much’ or regret the past. Instead individuals are quietly noticing what good things are occurring both within and around them. For me as an observer, it’s like watching the blooms in the garden springing into life.

This is the miracle of working with the three principles of life, mind, consciousness and thought. If you would like to discover more about this way of being. Please give me a call or email jonathan@jonathanshaddock.co.uk.