The Miracle of a Quiet Mind

The miracles which unfold when our minds clear, powerfully and beautifully remind us of who we really are, and also say something of the nature of the kingdom we are living in while on this wondrous planet.

Historically it has been thought that miracles are by their very nature spectacular, extraordinary, and that they are the stuff of life-changing events, such as instant health cures or unexpected lottery wins. They are often perceived as one-off occurrences during a human’s lifetime. I have come to realise, however, that miracles are everyday events unfolding inside us and around us each and everyday of our lives. Whether we notice them or not is simply down to the nature of our moment to moment thinking.

I, like many of us, love the stories of human beings. We can often see ourselves reflected in them and they can be very useful when we are trying to make sense of life. They oftentimes serve as rich metaphors for a truth which underlies the vignette we are ‘hearing’. I take the liberty here of sharing some stories with you, the reader, to point in the direction of the three principles through which life unfolds within each and every person on the earth.

The words and circumstances used here are not as important as the message behind the storyline. So let us not be over caught up in the detail but rather listen to the whisper behind it which invites you to be still, like a child gazing at a Christmas tree and hear in the stillness the beating of your own heart and the life force running through you from which you thrive. This, dear friend, is my hope for you, as I write from my heart and try to share something with you of how I have become conscious of the life-principles in my own life. I have come to realise that I have always lived by these principles, yet I had become distracted for a long time, like so many people by the stream of thoughts flowing in my head and forgotten who I really was in my soul, beyond my thought stream, until I was introduced to the writings of Sydney Banks, whose books and recordings are full of stories which lead us to the truth.

Recently, I arrived at the local bus station to collect a dear friend who had been travelling. My mind was racing with thoughts about finding the place, as it had recently been relocated in the city, and about ticket machines and selfish drivers as well as late arrivals. My mind was busy and my mood was consequently low. In this state of mind everything felt wrong and the people around me looked unattractive.

The wonderful thing about thought is that it can change in an instant. Suddenly, my attention was taken to my beautiful whippet dog. He was standing looking around the station. He looked so innocent and so peaceful. He had nothing much on his mind! I began to wonder what he was experiencing. As my heart melted to the beauty and wonder of this creature, who has been my constant companion for 11 years and who has taught me a great deal, I dropped into that space within me which is beyond thinking and I was transported into a beautiful feeling. There was a stillness and a wonder for me until I found myself thinking again, but much had changed.

Guess what? The people around me looked more attractive, I thought the station was a better design than I had previously judged and it did not matter to me in any way that the bus was running late. I was, rather, grateful to be alive and happy that I had been given these few minutes to recharge.

Within seconds, something rather wonderful unfolded. People began to come towards me to pet my dog. There was a variety of characters, some of whom had looked ever so slightly scary a few moments earlier. Each person, there were around 8 in total, crouched down and commented on my companion’s beauty and gentleness.

I saw the beauty and gentleness of each one of these people. I saw a light in their eyes which displayed their inner love. Most of them, on standing, engaged in a short conversation with me and I was curious about how it was that an animal, one of God’s little ones, can attract a meeting of people that may not have occurred if the pet wasn’t present. Yet, I was conscious too (that wonderful gift of awareness that is our birthright when our mind is quiet) that these people had not come near me five minutes earlier when my thinking was so critical. How much more attractive we appear to be when we remember who we really are.

As I write this, in a local coffee shop I feel in that same tranquil space of a quiet mind where I am in touch with my soul. A toddler has just run over to me smiling and chattering. Her mother has engaged with me in a beautiful conversation. The waitress is unusually friendly today and has shared with me something very special. The dog, by the way, is in the car!

Once we have seen the beauty of this unfolding in our own lives, we can be more helpful in our dealings with other human beings.

In my counselling and psychotherapy practice through the years, I innocently thought that as long as I remained faithful to a particular model of psychology and invited my clients to reshape their minds around it, then there was a strong chance that they would recover from whatever traumatic experience had disrupted their mental health.

Often, I witnessed some degree of improved happiness and wellbeing, but also noticed that it didn’t always last, and that the beautiful people I was working with would remain ‘stuck’ in looking back to past events in order to make sense of their unhappiness. Innocently, I was doing the same, believing that I and they were essentially broken and required fixing. You have no doubt guessed that in those days I did a lot of talking within the session! Insights can be very humbling 🙂

Now, I am not working from a psychological model that might or might not work for my client, rather, I am living a fundamental knowing that every human being is perfectly whole, is an integral part of the divine order that creates the beautiful world in which we live, and is continually recreating.

I do not need to say very much. However, sometimes, naturally, I get carried along by a story that is flowing from a thought storm, either in my own head or my client’s. I occasionally catch myself, see more clearly what is happening and my mind goes quiet ( just like in the bus station). I then sit quietly, with nothing much on my mind. I simply sit in the presence of the human being in front of me and drop into the feeling inside which flows from a deep knowing that we are one.

The miracles are mind blowing.

Please give me a call or email if anything here has touched you in any way.