This wonderful statement brings joy to my ears, whenever I hear it from my clients, and a great feeling of warmth throughout my body. It is one of the great privileges of being a ‘listener/therapist/coach’. (These are all words used to try and describe the role of someone who is called in life to join with another human being in the art of what I call ‘a compassionate conversation for wellbeing’.

Today, in the midst of a deep session with one of my clients they said ‘ I see’, followed by sharing a deeper understanding of something that they have been struggling to understand about themselves for some time. Something which had felt very muddled to them suddenly had clarity. This is what is known as a ‘transformation’, a moving beyond form.

I am thrilled when my clients move beyond form to their formless nature. Allow me to flesh that out a little.

If we listen to anyone from a scientific background they will remind us that everything that we can see in the world (including our own bodies) is form. Behind and beyond this form that we can see is the formless, the energy out of which the form is created. There is, throughout the world a growing understanding and a widening agreement that there is one universal energy out of which every single created thing is born from. We catch a sense of this with electricity for instance. We see that our television has power and then we know that it is run by an energy which we cannot see but know exists. We understand too that every growing plant emerges and grows from the same creative force. Then we might be growing in a deeper sense of ourselves as human beings, that each one of us operates from the energy behind life and when we see this we have a deepening sense of our interconnectedness with other human beings and see that we are all the same, beyond skin colour, religion, gender, politics etc etc. Isn’t it wonderful when, from time to time, we meet another person and have only been with them for a very short while and yet feel deeply that we have know them for a very long time. It is a sort of ‘ soul mate’ connection to use a well know term that has been used by many cultures throughout the ages.

When my lovely client said that he could see this morning, he was seeing something that he had not been conscious of before because he was seeing it from his true nature and not from a muddled mind. We can call this ‘insight’ a sight from within. The gift of consciousness at work. These are all words that are attempting to express something fundamental to life but is in fact often felt rather than thought. We just know that it is right.

Life is never the same after an insight. We are clearer in our minds after we have seen. Life on the outside may look very much the same but inside we feel different. We feel more confident that something is working itself out, whereas before it felt like an insurmountable problem.

Insight is one of the fruits of a one to one transformational coaching session and it is much to be celebrated, but they also occur when we are alone and quiet. The busy mind quietens and a new way of thinking rises from within us.

If you would like to come and be quiet with me in a one to one session or as part of one of my meditation groups. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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