Noticing that we have choices with respect to the gift of thought is a potential life changer.
Remaining unaware that free will is an option is tantamount to self destruction for us humans. Just think of a time when an unconscious action made for a miserable period which has been hard to turn around. I am aware, right now, that you (the reader) might have dived deep into thinking about a past event and relived it with great feeling. It wasn’t my intention that you should get ‘lost in thought’ but you might well be noticing what a dynamic relationship there is between thought and feeling and how easily we can revisit the past and remain there for a while if we are not fully ‘awake’.

As I share this snippet of wisdom and my fingers dance on the keyboard of my iPad my inner light of consciousness is as much engaged as the backlight on this wonderful Apple device. The luminosity of the device enables me to see the fruits of my writing whilst consciousness keeps me aware of the fact that you are going to be responding to these musings. So a loving use of the gift of thought is essential in order that I use what I see as the most helpful coupling of words and that you might see what I am seeing and therefore be further able to use this god given gift of thought for the advancement of human kind, one person at a time.

You see, dear reader, I believe that the world as we know it can be transformed, as human beings get to see the true nature of thought and allow the power of it to kickstart humanity into a new era. As each person wakes up to the beautiful potential that lies deep within they get to see a brand new world and consequently become excited to tap the next person on the shoulder and share the wonder of this new worldview. We become the pioneers of a brand new root race. As both the Christ and Paul of the new era remind us, we were not put on this earth to live in darkness but ‘in the light’.

You might be wondering what you need to put on your ‘to do list’ in order to develop these life changing facilities. We are so used to being guided into the use of positive affirmations or cognitive behavioural practices to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. My own advice is ‘simply take the next breath’ (which will unfold of its own volition) and see that there is nothing to do except to remain as awake as possible. You already have within you all that you need, dear friend.

There is no doubt, in my own mind, that you will be aware as you read that you have an inner light to guide you. This deep knowing enables each one of us to use the gift of free will to see that we have choices. We can use the power of thought to create anything we like. New ways of being, new ventures, new relationships. New worlds.

My parting gift to you, today, is to gently guide you away from being too involved in your current thinking and to become, sensitively curious about the power of thought itself. It is deep within you, it is guiding your every word and action. Look for a feeling, and if you have been touched by anything here and would like to engage with me in a transformational conversation or coaching session, please contact me on 07970 162471 or

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