During this period which many people are calling ‘lockdown’ ( I prefer to call it ‘look up’ as things are literally looking- up) it is important to keep ourselves well, harmonious and happy through an ‘attitude of gratitude’.

Whatever is happening with you right now I would like to point out to you the nature of abundance in life. This abundance which is all round us ,as well as within us, is the very suff of life and when realised it will enable us to live life to the full, whether we are at present sitting in our room, or in the garden or out for a walk.

Wherever we are there is as abundance of life, literally inside of us and all around us. We don’t always recognise this fact which,when realised) will set us free. I am here to remind you, in order that you may live in the happiness which you were designed for.

Whilst I write to you I am sitting in my garden and everywhere I look there is abundance. Abundance is the handiwork of the universe and when we notice it we are set free from any and every restriction that has been placed upon us or even self created.

My garden is small and much of it is concrete, but I have a few pots around me and I notice that they are teeming with life. When we look closely at a flower we see that there are countless petals and a closer examination will take us to inner, smaller, minute petals and stamen, as well as bugs, insects, bees and pollen. When we look closely at nature a whole world of wonder opens up to us and we can easily be transported into a place of wonder and excitement which we knew very well as a child, before we became over interested in the things which invite us to experience feelings associated with what we have learned to call ‘stress’.

As I sit here, sharing with you ideas which I know will bring happiness into your life or develop that happiness that you already feel, I am noticing an abundance everywhere. I have become aware of the birds in the nearby trees and hedges. I can hear, in the distance, dogs, cars, electric saws and more locally the abundance of my own breath, heartbeat and the myriad of thoughts going through my mind. Did you know that each human being experiences 60,000 thoughts each day and sometimes up to 70,000. Here is an abundance right here at home, even if we haven’t stepped outside the front door !

Not even ‘lockdown’ imposed by governments and local authorities can take us away from the abundance that is always available to us night and day, even if we are restricted to the bed or our chair.

As soon as you have finished digesting this article (we are almost done for now) I invite you to meditate on the abundance that is always available to you.

Look inside first ,dear friend, at the abundant heartbeats, breaths and thoughts that move through you each and every day. When we look closer there is an abundance in our blood and cellular activity, literally keeping us alive. Notice what-else is abundant in your life and share it with me if you like. (My contact details are available throughout the website).

I invite you to look at the abundance available to you through the gift of imagination and visualisation. What a gift ! Personally, in my mind, I gave been to Cornwall this morning. I have also visited Rome, Jerusalem and the city of Paris. All of this experience I have enjoyed without leaving my favourite chair. What a powerhouse the mind is. Notice this gift in yourself and realise that in your mind you can go anywhere and no one can take this abundant gift from you. Never.

Finally, I would like to share with you that I am grateful for the mindset of people like Terry Weight, Nelson Mandela and Maximillian Kolbe. Each one was incarcerated for a ‘lockdown’ much longer than our present ‘eight week’ or so experience. In this period they found freedom by realising the true power of their abundant mind. They became free, much earlier than their release. They experienced ‘Look up” instead of ‘lock down’ simply by taking their minds to the abundance that was always available to them.

I hope that these words have been useful or will be useful to you. If you would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate. I look forward to seeing you very soon, here online and very soon in person in my clinic or home practice. For now, keep safe and happy.

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